The ownership of Vanguard Property Group has been providing Southern California investment property owners the highest level of professional brokerage & asset management services for nearly 30 years. We pride ourselves on placing the clients need first with the highest integrity possible throughout each and every transaction. We strive to deliver the highest property valuations and successfully achieve each and every one of our clients’ goals.

Vanguard Property Group was founded by Ed Diaz, who previously founded and partnered two successful income property brokerage & property management firms in Orange County, California. On the brokerage side, these companies brokered over 750 million in multifamily and commercial properties; on the management side, these firms managed approximately 500 multifamily units and 250,000 square feet of commercial property including: retail, office and industrial. Today, Vanguard Property Group has an extremely seasoned staff of property brokers and asset managers providing a myriad of solutions to our investment property clientele.




We believe that our knowledge and experience as professional investment property brokers is of great value to our clients. We have nearly 30 years of experience brokering multifamily and commercial properties in Southern California. We have extensive knowledge and experience structuring 1031 tax deferred exchanges, reverse exchanges, seller financed transactions and tax retirement strategies through the use of investment property equities. We are heavily networked in the current marketplace, with regional and national exposure for all of our property listings – all critical factors to the success of our clients’ transactions. Please ask us how we can put our experience to work for you.

The Client Relationship

We believe that our success as professional investment property brokers is defined by a long-term client relationship where the client’s objectives are achieved through a series of transactions over a number of years. Our success is measured by achieving our clients goals. Ninety percent of our client base is repeat, long-term clients and referrals from those same satisfied clients. We truly believe that when we close transactions we open relationships.

Solutions Focused

We believe that the value of a professional, investment property advisor is measured by the ability to successfully provide solutions to help our clients obtain their investment property goals. This is much more than simply finding a property or placing one on the market. It requires that we listen, anticipate, advise and guide our clients through the potential challenges of each transaction. We do this by anticipating potential hurdles before they arise and guiding our clients successfully through today’s increasingly more complex business environment. We write our clients’ contracts with solutions in place accomplishing our clients goals the first time around and in the most efficient way possible. In the end, we are always focused on solutions that help our clients get to where they want to go.


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